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An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) streamlines your professional image and outreach. It provides a centralized, easily shareable package with essential information like biographies, media samples, and contact details, helping secure media coverage, live performances, and potential record label interest. With digital accessibility, EPKs save time and costs, enable efficient updates, and facilitate networking opportunities with a global audience, making them a vital tool for you as an artist to navigate the music industry successfully. Great for any genre, groups, management companies, labels, executives, etc…


Perfect for an artist, new label or management looking to FULLY understand the business of music, royalty collection & ownership! Teaching artists about music registration and ownership helps protect their creative work, ensures fair compensation, and empowers them to make informed decisions. It also avoids legal issues, promotes professionalism, and enables adaptability in an ever-changing music industry, ultimately giving artists greater control over their careers and legacy planning.


Great for establishing a personal connection with fans by sharing your journey. A biography enhances credibility, and acts as a historical record of achievements and milestones. The biography aids in networking, booking, and attracting media coverage, while also inspiring others in the industry.y genre, groups, management companies, labels, executives, etc…

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Registration Audit

Having a professional audit your music registrations and paperwork is a crucial step for artists and rights-holders. It ensures accuracy, compliance with complex regulations, and maximizes your revenue potential. Professionals streamline the process, offering peace of mind, industry insights, and guidance for long-term planning. With this expertise, you can avoid costly legal issues, save time, and focus on your creative work. Don't leave the administrative aspects to chance; a professional audit is an investment in your music career's success and financial security.

Album Audit

The most important benefit of an artist getting an album audit before its release is feedback and constructive criticism. These audits provide valuable insights from an objective perspective, helping you as an artist identify areas for improvement and fine-tuning your work. This feedback can lead to a higher quality final product, better reception by the audience, and increased chances of success in the competitive music industry.

Single Track Audit

A great benefit of a track audit before the track is released is having the opportunity to identify and correct any technical or production issues. May point out issues with the recording quality, mixing, or mastering, allowing you as the artist to address these problems and ensure that the final release meets professional standards, improving its overall sound and reception.

Performance Audit

FOR ACTIVE ARTISTS ONLY: This is the opportunity for growth and improvement. Constructive criticism and feedback from a performance audit can help you as an artist to identify areas where you can enhance your skills, stage presence, and overall performance quality. This feedback is crucial for honing your craft, delivering better shows, and ultimately connecting more effectively with your audience.

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